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Ниже представлены примерные вопросы к итоговой аттестации по дисциплине «Практический курс перевода»

  1. Перевод имен собственных и названий.
  2. Ложные друзья переводчика и особенности их перевода.
  3. Проблемы, возникающие при переводе интернациональной лексики.
  4. Перевод неологизмов. Способы возникновения неологизмов в языке.
  5. Грамматические и лексические особенности американского варианта английского языка.
  6. Особенности перевода заимствований и латинизмов.
  7. Перевод свободных словосочетаний.
  8. Перевод устойчивых словосочетаний и фразеологизмов.
  9. Лексические трансформации при переводе (добавление, опущение).
  10. Лексические трансформации при переводе (контекстуальные замены: генерализация, конкретизация, антонимический перевод, целостное переосмысление).
  11. Особенности перевода заголовков.
  12. Различные способы выражения эмфазы. Особенности перевода эмфатических предложений.
  13. Предпереводческий анализ.
  14. Особенности перевода артикля.
  15. Особенности перевода модальных глаголов.
  16. Особенности перевода неличных форм глагола.
  17. Особенности перевода условных предложений.
  18. Перевод слов, зависимых от контекста. Выбор лексического варианта.
  19. Работа со словарями в процессе письменного перевода текста.
  20. Особенности «бумажных», электронных и онлайн-словарей.

Примерные задания для составления ДИАЛОГОВ по дисциплине «Практический курс иностранного языка (английский)»

1. At the Bank

Student A: You lost your plastic card. You need to block it and order a new one. However, you would like to have the same PIN on a new card.

Student B: Try to satisfy the needs of the client, but explain to him/her that a new card will come together with a new PIN for the sake of the client’s financial safety.

2. At the Post Office

Student A: You need to send a parcel to the UK via airmail.

Student B: At your post office sending parcels via airmail is currently out of service because of the financial problems with the aviation carrier company. Try to convince the client to use other types of parcel delivery.

3.  Computer Problems

Student A: Your computer is too slow. Videos seem to buffer forever, and websites take ages to load. You are asking your friend who seems to know everything about computers to help you.

Student B: You are trying to help your friend checking whether s/he has plenty of free space on the hard drive holding the operating system.

4. At Hospital / Business

Student A: You are a nurse. You have a patient with a concussion (he had a car accident), who has just come in. You need to run some tests, but when you come up to him he tells you that…

Student B: You are a businessman. Today is a big day! You are to hold a presentation. This presentation is very important for your career, so you cannot miss it. You suddenly realize that you are in hospital. Your presentation is in 2 hours. You see a nurse coming up to you. Persuade her/him to let you leave the hospital. Start with “Excuse me…”

5. At the Restaurant

Student A: You are a waiter in a very expensive restaurant. You hear a customer complaining and your job is to go and find out what seems to be the problem. But when you come up to the customer, you recognize in him the person, who always invents complaints in order not to pay for food. You don’t want to let him evade paying again.

Student B: You and your friend are sitting in a very expensive restaurant and eating soup. Suddenly your friend finds a fly in his soup. You immediately start complaining, shouting and blaming the restaurant for poor service. You will never pay for the food in the restaurant, where flies can be found in the soup. Tell this to the waiter. Start with “This is intolerable!”

 6. Shopping

Student A: You are a shop-assistant in a clothes-shop that works till the last client. It’s already 9 p.m. and you are being late for the date you don’t want to miss. But you cannot leave because one customer is still in the shop. You really want to leave so you come up to the customer and…

Student B: You are a girl. Tomorrow your best friend has a wedding and you need to buy a dress for this occasion. The problem is that it’s already 9 p.m. and you still haven’t found the dress that suits you. You are lucky, though. You have found a shop that works till the last client. There are a lot of dresses and you want to try on all of them. Ask the shop-assistant to help you. Start with “Excuse me, could you help me?”

7. At the Company / Business

Student A:  You are a manager of a well-known company. And tomorrow is a deadline for a very important project of yours. You need to complete all the reports but alone you won’t be able to do this. You see one of your employees, who happens to be your friend. Although he wasn’t on the team for this project, ask him to help you. He’s your only hope, because it’s already evening.

Student B: You are an employee. Although you are working for a well-known company, your salary isn’t high enough. You usually work long hours, but not today – your mother has a birthday. And you promised to come to her party. You’re running late. At the exit you see your friend, who happens to be the manager. He approaches you and says…

8. Education / Travelling Abroad

Student A: You are a foreign student writing a thesis about the modern way of life in your country. You have a grant for a month so you want to get as much information as possible. Don´t forget to include: food, night life, currency, royal family, health…

Student B: You are hosting a foreign student for a month. Try to give him as much information as possible about your country. Answer his/her questions as accurately as possible.

 9. Travelling

Student A: You and your partner are going to travel round Europe. You can only take a small backpack with a 20 kilo limit. You can´t live without your guitar, your hairdryer and your special magnifying mirror. Reach an agreement on those objects you can´t leave behind.

Student B: You and your partner are going to travel around Europe. You can only take a small backpack with a 20 kilo limit. You can´t live without your laptop, extra virgin olive oil and your brown teddy bear. Reach an agreement on those objects you can´t leave behind.

10. At Hospital / Health

Student A: You haven´t been feeling well lately. You think you are allergic to fried chicken, but you are not sure. You visit your doctor.

Student B: You are a doctor and you are seeing a patient who thinks he`s allergic to fried chicken. Ask him the relevant questions to find out what´s wrong with him/her.

 11. Fashion / Shopaholism

Student A: You love fashion. You just buy designer clothes and only read fashion magazines. You think that people who buy plain clothes, especially in street markets, have no taste. Your friend is one of them.

Student B: You don´t care about clothes. You think that fashion victims , and your partner is one of them, are empty-headed snobs. You can´t make the difference between Calvin Klein boxers and plain ones from a street market. You think spending on designer clothes is a waste.

12. Job / Recruitment

Student A: You’ve been offered a great post in Brussels with a high salary and excellent working conditions. You’re looking forward to starting work as soon as possible. Now you work in your father’s company and you know he won’t like the prospect. Speak to him.

Student B: You are trying to persuade your only child not to leave home. He has been offered a good job with good prospects abroad but you have your own company and you want him to follow in your footsteps.

Примерные задания для составления МОНОЛОГОВ  по дисциплине «Практический курс иностранного языка (английский)»

  1. Friends and friendship: They say: “A person has just one true friend”. What do you think about this?
  2. Friends and friendship: Let’s talk about friendship. What role do friends play in your life?
  3. Generations: Are the roles of men and women in the family changing? How?
  4. Generations: What are some common problems that families have? How can these problems be solved?
  5. Education: Education plays a very important role in our life. It is one of the most valuable possessions a man can get in his life. Do you agree?
  6. Education: Self-education is very important for the development of human’s talents. Only through self-education a person can become a harmonically developed personality. Do you agree?
  7. Food: For some food is a source of pleasure, for others — a source of energy. Do you agree?
  8. Food: Why do you think people are willing to pay more for organic food?
  9. Holidays: We guess people all over the world like holidays. During celebration time people, as a rule, visit their friends and relatives, have parties and give and receive presents. What is your favourite holiday and how do you celebrate it?
  10. Sports: Is sport important for a healthy lifestyle? What role does sport play in your life?
  11. Environmental problems: Nowadays people live only according to their wants and requirements; they ignore the laws of nature. Do you agree?
  12. Globalization: Globalization is a controversial issue for business and governments throughout the world. What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?
  13. Money:  Some people think they can be happy only being rich, while others don’t care too much about money. What is your attitude to the money issue?
  14. Money: Can money bring happiness? Comment upon the question.
  15. Means of communication: Do you think e-communication can replace traditional letters? Why?
  16. Means of communication: What is your favorite means of communication? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?
  17. Science and technology: Describe a device you can’t imagine your life without.
  18. Science and technology: Science is a source of progress. It develops the world we live in. Do you agree?

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